How 348,023 people in 48 countries reversed disease, lost weight, and received incredible knowledge to "turbocharge" their body, mind, and energy.

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Mir Sidorov, August 4, 2021
I want to share a story with you, one that may shock you…
The health epidemic in our works is rampant and its killing us…
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of the world's population
has health problems

with over a third having more than five ailments

says one of the most respected health journals The Lancet

My grandmother suffered and died from stroke, and she was so young...

If I only had the knowledge that I do now, I could have saved her…

This forced me to go on a very serious and exciting journey…

One that had me in tears, in anger, and disbelief…

The things I discovered helped me and 350,000 people in over 50 countries around the world…

Find an answer to their health symptoms and had their doctors exclaim "You don’t need to take
these drugs anymore, you are healthy!"

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Just imagine:
Losing 10, 20, even 50 pounds of fat in
record time Getting crystal clear about what foods to eat, what so called "healthy" foods to avoid, what supplements to take (if any)…

And discovering that you are free from any symptoms you might have (serious or not)…
Having your doctor declare you "healthy" and a give you a genetic age decades younger than what's in your passport…
Having newfound confidence and a that radiant happiness you know you have inside…
Getting compliments from your friends and coworkers about how great you look and how you've changed…
Without drugs, pills, expensive medical procedures, or even having to rely on surgery…
Without diets, over-the-top workouts, expensive equipment, or weird pills...
You might be wondering…
How do I get more energy during the day? Simple as taking this amount of vitamin C, baking soda (which is the most powerful blood alkalizer), and liquid chlorophyll (which is identical to hemoglobin increasing oxygen and red blood cell levels).
Do I need to take any vitamins? Just taking this much vitamin D and some zinc can improve your immune system, stop you from ever getting the flu, increase the production of the "happy" hormones dopamine and serotonin making you feel happier.
What can I do to sleep better? Research has shown that taking as little as this much melatonin, and LGlycine helped people fall asleep more quickly and spend more time in REM sleep, the cycle of sleep that is most restorative.
How do I lose fat? Exercise has actually been shown to be much less important in weight loss, doing something as simple a specific amount of breaks from food, has been shown to increase growth hormone, metabolism, and regulate glucose levels leading to faster weight loss.

You will actually get an answer to almost all your questions instantly.

 - live way past 100 years of age (never get sick)

 - become a beacon of hope to the people around you (people will be asking you for tips and   advice)

 - allow you to know more than your doctor regarding health, vitality and longevity (nutrition is not a mandatory subject in med school)

 - have a simple, powerful and in depth understanding of food, the medical industry, and the   TRUTH regarding health

Discover the suppressed, hidden, and breakthrough   knowledge that can help you:

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And the scary thing is..

You may have a serious illness and not even know about it…

You can be totally healthy and have artery plaque which can send you into a deadly heart attack (even healthy people have heart attacks)…

Or have the beginning stages of cancer and not know about it, 1 in 3 people in the world suffer and most of them die…

You could be living with degenerative inflammation which could be destroying your joints, organs, and brain…

Or this could be happening to your parents or grandparents right now!

I have seen people in their 20s who have diabetes or joint issues…

People in their 30s with migraines and heart complications…

People in their 40s with serious immune and organ problems…

High blood pressure, cholesterol, allergies, fatigue, indigestion, poor sleep, anxiety…

All this can be fixed in record time,
I have seen it with my own patients…


  Diabetes GONE in 30 days…


  Artery plaque eliminated in 3 weeks…


 Cancer symptoms begin reversing…


  Not to mention much less serious conditions
  virtually vanishing within just days…


Hi, my name is Mir Sidorov, and my 15 year health journey has taken me across the world…

I have witnessed people go from their death beds to being declared "healthy" by their doctors… 

Toss out their meds and become symptom free

Simply by tapping into the power of natural foods and supplements…

Which have almost 100 years of science and study behind them…

Some of them so powerful they have been systematically suppressed and denied access to…

After helping over 348,023 people in over 48 countries, I want to share a few things that I discovered that can help you, and the people you love…

I've done all the hard work for you, this "done-for-you" program is the answer you have been looking for.

Today I Expose My Never Before Shared Secrets To Create your "Skyrocketing" Healthy, Sexy Body By Applying Some Simple Secrets and Cutting Edge Research…

If You're Looking To Finally Get The Answers Or Turbocharge Your Health, This Is What You Have Been Waiting For. It’s LIFE CHANGING.

What If...

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You could finally lose those stubborn pounds and be happy (from 10 to 100 pounds safely and quickly).

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You could learn how to keep it off for good and get the body of your dreams (jealous looks from people at the beach, and compliments from co-workers and friends).

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You could STOP calorie counting (no more constant frustration or calculators)

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STOP using tiny containers or small portion sizes (eat delicious food without the guilt)

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STOP wasting time at the gym or buying expensive workout DVD's (simple 7 minute at home, fat burning, toning routines that even the busiest people can do)

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Have your doctor take your off your medication and declare you in "perfect health!" (diabetes, heart disease, blood pressure, allergies and more!)

This breakthrough is saving lives
and giving people hope.

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Artery plaque and cholesterol eliminated within 2-3 weeks (as proven by two time Nobel Prize winning scientist Linus Pauling and his team with just a simple vitamin and amino acid, without drugs or surgery)

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Diabetes and blood sugar go back to normal in 32-78 days (actually due to a GLUT4 molecule within the cell wall, when taken Omega3 and Omega 6 in proper amounts along with curcumin, cinnamon and
Vitamin E)

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Even cancerous tumors (stage 1 or 4) have been shown to "melt off" by doctors around the world (pH balancing into alkalinity with baking soda, Vitamin C, Astaxanthin, hydrogen peroxide, as well as cancer cell wall degradation through protease action)

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Blood pressure, anemia, headaches, low energy, join pains, immune problems, weigh loss, and other problems have been proven to be easily reversed through a very simple yet powerful 7 step process you can do at home (without a single drug, pill, or medical procedure)

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"The most powerful health, weight loss and longevity system from the world's greatest that you can implement today and for the rest of your life."


is the complete health guide that has helped hundreds of thousands of people across the world find the answer to their questions. 

7 Steps to Health

To be honest I didn’t realize just how powerful it is. Until I started getting the testimonials, which were coming in daily.

Mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, grandparents, were transforming their health and their lives…

I can't tell you how exciting it is to finally be healthy, have TONS of energy, and be happy…

These things go right in the face of pharmaceutical companies and their billion dollar profits…

They would rather have you sick and taking their drugs FOR LIFE, rather than be healthy with things you can do at home and inexpensive natural products you can purchase yourself…

Think about it, if you get healthy, they go out of business, they NEED you to be sick for as long as possible…

This is why the pharmaceutical industry is the most profitable industry on earth, with soaring profits and massive CEO salaries…

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Each company making up to 50 billion
dollars every year…

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If you rely on drugs or medications, you are actually in worse shape…

These are the shocking prices for the basic ingredients
of some of the most popular drugs on the market…

Celebrex 100mg

Consumer price (100 tablets): $130.27
Cost of general active ingredients: $0.60
Percent markup: 21,712%


Claritin 10 mg
Consumer Price (100 tablets): $215.17
Cost of general active ingredients: $0.71
Percent markup: 30,306%


Keflex 250 mg
Consumer Price (100 tablets): $157.39
Cost of general active ingredients: $1.88
Percent markup: 8,372%

Lipitor 20 mg
Consumer Price (100 tablets): $272.37
Cost of general active ingredients: $5.80
Percent markup: 4,696%

Norvasec 10 mg
Consumer price (100 tablets): $188.29
Cost of general active ingredients: $0.14
Percent markup: 134,493%

Paxil 20 mg
Consumer price (100 tablets): $220.27
Cost of general active ingredients: $7.60
Percent markup: 2,898%

Prevacid 30 mg
Consumer price (100 tablets): $44.77
Cost of general active ingredients: $1.01
Percent markup: 34,136%

Prilosec 20 mg
Consumer price (100 tablets): $360.97
Cost of general active ingredients $0.52
Percent markup: 69,417%

Tenormin 50 mg
Consumer price (100 tablets): $104.47
Cost of general active ingredients: $0.13
Percent markup: 80,362%


Vasotec 10 mg
Consumer price (100 tablets): $102.37
Cost of general active ingredients: $0.20
Percent markup: 51,185%

Xanax 1 mg
Consumer price (100 tablets) : $136.79
Cost of general active ingredients: $0.024
Percent markup: 569,958%

Zestril 20 mg
Consumer price (100 tablets) $89.89
Cost of general active ingredients $3.20
Percent markup: 2,809%

Zithromax 600 mg
Consumer price (100 tablets): $1,482.19
Cost of general active ingredients: $18.78
Percent markup: 7,892%

Zocor 40 mg
Consumer price (100 tablets): $350.27
Cost of general active ingredients: $8.63
Percent markup: 4,059%

Zoloft 50 mg
Consumer price: $206.87
Cost of general active ingredients: $1.75
Percent markup: 11,821%

Prozac 20 mg
Consumer price (100 tablets) : $247.47
Cost of general active ingredients: $0.11
Percent markup: 224,973% 

Not even cocaine or heroin have such unbelievable profit margins…

Drugs are Killing you

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Physician error, medication error, and adverse reactions to drugs and surgery kill 225,400 people per year. The health care system is the third leading cause of death in the United States, behind only cancer and heart disease. 

That also is a conservative number. Some experts estimate it should be a lot more because
of unreported cases of adverse drug reactions. That’s three times deadlier than automobile deaths…

And 1 million are injured so severely they require hospitalization… 

This makes prescription drug death the fourth leading killer after heart disease, cancer and stroke!

David Lawrence, CEO of Kaiser Permanente, the nation's oldest HMO, calls medication errors
"the number one public health risk in the United States, ahead of tobacco, alcohol, illegal drugs, or guns."

This is absolutely horrific, 300 people die every single day from regular, over the counter, doctor prescribed medications, taken in their prescribed amounts, not overdoses…

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SO 200,000 PEOPLE

from their regular prescription
medication, and nobody seems to
bat an eye…

But if someone gets even a headache from some herb or alternative remedy, everyone from CNN to BBC is screaming at the top of their lungs about the dangers of these plants…

The truth is, you can’t patent a vitamin, a mineral, or a plant, but you sure can patent a chemical drug, get it classified, approved by FDA, and make billions in profits… 

Health Care-Related Death Rates

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The last, and largest category of “Adverse Drug Effects,” are people who die from unintended and undesired effects of a drug, at prescribed doses…

Even with the use of approved medication and correct procedures, over one hundred thousand people die every year from the medication that is supposed to be making them healthier!

Just to be clear. Over 200,000 people die every year from drugs and their side effects…

Drugs that were properly prescribed by doctors in hospitals and clinics…

Many of these drugs have "death" as a side effect…

Just imagine that the remedies which are supposed to be healing you, are actually slowly killing you…

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We need to stop this madness.

7 Steps to Health

Is The Most Important Health
Program of the 21st Century ("The answer" to all your frustration and headache)


Finally, the "all-in-one" solution that just works:

Even if… you don’t have any idea where to start.

Even if… you're struggling with serious conditions like diabetes, heart disease, allergies, blood pressure or blood sugar.

Even if… you don’t have the time, the money, the energy, or just feeling overwhelmed .

I truly believe that no one should live on this planet with ill health or disease. I also truly believe that the current medical system is failing us. When we combine those two missions, I realize that people need to know the truth, and finally discover the simple things you can use in the comfort of you own homes to take health into your own hands, and start seeing results on Day 1. 

Mir Sidorov.

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"Exactly what i needed - simple and powerful"

I wish I had this program 10 years ago, I would have saved myself many years and many thousands of dollars 
on various gimmicks. Hands down the best health program I have ever come across. 
And the information in the book is incredible, learning a lot!

Justin N. - Germany

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"Lost 20 pounds, no more meds, feeling great"

In depth information on the food industry, how our body works and how the food we eat every day, 
and have gotten so use to impact our health. Seven steps to health has opened my eyes 
to many things about food and my body that I never thought about before.

Eric B. - Toronto

If you want to skyrocket your WEIGHT LOSS, get SEXY ABS,
a FIT BUTT, "toss out" your meds, and start building the BODY and HEALTH of your dreams, then this is the mission we’re giving you…

Starting today, April 29th, is the first day of your
new life...

Do YOU Accept?

I Want The Book, ALL The Trainings, Video Series, Step-By-Step Guides,
Simple Daily Routines, KickAss community, and BONUS Material.

Which 7 Steps to Health package
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Get the Program

The groundbreaking healing information is in your hands, as soon as you open the first few pages you will discover shocking facts and suppressed healing methods. All your health questions can be answered starting right now!

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Whether you just want to know what actually works, to make everything clear, simple and understandable… Or you want to get answers to serious conditions, and start reversing them immediately. This program is exactly what you need. 

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You need to know this…

In the early 2000s something incredible happened…

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A fifteen-year-veteran pharmaceutical rep
by the name of Gwen Olsen blew open the
Watergate for the secret pharmaceutical world…
After working for the biggest names like McNeil Pharmaceutical, Syntex Laboratories, BristolMyers Squibb, Abbott Labs and Forest Laboratories, she blew the whistle and spoke out about all the evil things that go inside these corporations…

"We (were) being trained to misinform people"

said  Gwen.

In her books and interviews she dispels the myth that Big Pharma is in the business of healing or helping cure disease…

Instead, the industry is out to regulate illness, manage symptoms, and keep people trapped  in a lethal cycle of chemical dependency

I don’t want you to rely on drugs, doctors, or medical procedures for the rest of your life…

There is an answer, and it is completely natural. The answer that over 350,000 people are using right now!

If You’ve Been Waiting To Take Action, Waiting For Permission,
Or Waiting To Get Your Hands On The How-To, This Is It. That Waiting Stops Today.

The truth is, I found a blueprint, and I learned everything I could about how truly healthy people think and act. And I started to fundamentally change my own way of being…

This is the story and the code that the lonest living people on earth swear by, how billionaires
become and stay healthy, and how people who were on their death beds reversed disease and transformed their lives…

The healing code that made everything so simple, is here. Over 350,000 lives have been changed by this programs, I want to change yours.

Join The Movement Of People - Just Like You - Who Have Gained The Secrets To "Gaining Freedom In Their Body and Mind!!"

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to lose 5 pounds starting today, and get a zing of extra energy when you wake up tomorrow, even if you don't have a specialized skill or expertise…

Every 10 years or so a new mission comes around that completely redefines an industry and brings with it a fresh experience the masses fall in love with. Like the iPhone changed the way we look at cell phones and like the way Netflix has forever changed the way we watch television, these blueprints promise to redefine what it means to be in tune with your body from the inside. The research which has shocked doctors around the world, and transformed lives across continents. 

This is an experience that will forever change how you look at health and medicine.

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Why would you spend $10,000 or $100,000+ to treat a serious condition, when you could do it for a tiny fraction of that with the principles you are about to learn WHILE you’re learning, having fun and seeing massive change in the mirror each and every day at the same time?

The Solution Is Here!

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Most people ask me "Why haven't I heard about these incredible discoveries and miraculous treatment options?"

Which 7 Steps to Health package
Is right for you?



That’s because alternative and unconventional healing modalities are not taught in medical school. And the average doctor is unable to learn all the new alternative treatments that are constantly being developed. What really shocked me is that nutrition is an elective course in many medical schools. Doctors don’t even have to take one minute of nutrition study! Yet they are forced to study 6 years of pharmaceuticals, drugs, and chemicals. 

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They often get very limited press coverage, and never reach mainstream media. But by far, the MAIN REASON why you never hear about these healing discoveries is because ...

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They’re trying to protect their financial interests and, as such, they have to propagate the MYTH that “drugs and conventional medicine are the only way to cure disease”.

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In my 10+ year journey of health and healing I have seen it all. People losing 100+ pounds of fat, reversing many health conditions, having their doctors declare "wow, you no longer need medication! How did you do this?" and regain the life they once lost. 

And the best part?

Anyone can do this:

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People who work 14 hour days…

Mask Group 80.png

People with 6 kids and no time off…

Mask Group 82.png

People with financial difficulties…

Mask Group 81.png

People who thought there was   absolutely nothing they could do…

You CAN do this.

Whether you have 10 or 90 pounds to lose or more serious health conditions, you CAN sing "hallelujah!" as your doctor looks at your blood tests in disbelief. As your partner starts noticing your new toned figure, as your friends keep asking you what you do, as people on the beach gawk at your new legs or flat stomach.

It DOES NOT matter if disease or extra weight has been in your family for generations. The 7 Steps blueprint is your holy grail to achieve "astonishing health".

What I found OUTRAGEOUS is that the medical and pharmaceutical industry has been promoting their chemicals as the only solution…

Image 198.png

The diet industry has been peddling their shakes and meal plans as the only solution…
The fitness industry has been konniving people into buying $150 workout DVD's or gym memberships, and $1000 ab crunchers or home gyms that end up being doorstops, dust collectors, and bookshelves…

Mir Sidorov.

I personally consider it an outrage -- especially because I lost my grandfather to heart disease, and my grandma to stroke 15 years ago…

There is an answer, and you can hold it in your hands just seconds from now…

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Which 7 Steps to Health package
Is right for you?

Unbeatable Gurantee

Try 7 Steps to Health for a full 60-days, 100%  risk-free


Try the entire 7 Steps to Health Program. If you don't LOVE it, I insist that you get 100% of your money back.

I’ll even eat the credit-card processing fees.

Your 7 Steps Experience Starts Today

Health mastery from 7 aspects to total health. 

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Each section is written in a simple, step-by-step, guesswork free format to give you the most incredible healing knowledge to shock even your doctor. Many of these things are not taught in medical school still, but will give you results starting on day 1. 

Page 17 - 

Discover over 100 dangerous food additives added to your everyday foods that create cancer, heart disease, diabetes and other disease. And the simple steps to avoiding them.

Page 30 - 

This one additive added to most breads has been leads to fatigue, fibromyalgia, lupus, irritability, mental fatigue, nausea, digestive problems and other deadly health issues. One French scientists concluded that this ingredient contains something which stimulates the growth of cancerous tumors!

Page 84 - 

Discover what one doctor did to get 70 percent of his patients opening of their clogged arteries and off of drugs or surgery, in mere weeks. 

Page 7 - 

Discover the 2 doctors (one being a two-time Nobel Prize winner) and their simple vitamin with one powerful amino acid which normalizes cholesterol, lowers the bad LDL cholesterol, and reverses heart disease without drugs, pills, or surgery. 

Page 9 - 

Find out which vitamin a team of doctors in Canada have been using to reverse heart disease in over 20,000 of their patients. 

Page 34 - 

How this ingredient is associated with scarring in the liver, or fibrosis, and the risk of chronic kidney disease increased by over 150 percent in those who consumed more than one drink with this substance.

Page 89 - 

Learn about the delicious drink that raises metabolic rate, helps remove abdominal fat, boosts muscle growth, reduces resistance to insulin, strengthens the immune system and lowers food allergy reactions, has all 37 vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.

Page 40 - 

Dr. Cochrain revealed that just one teaspoon of sugar will lower your immune resistance by 50% for up to 24 hours. (Coke or any soda beverage has 8 tablespoons of sugar in one can). Learn the mechanism and how you can strengthen your immune system with a few simple foods.

Page 55 - 

The optimal ration for omega 3 and 6 oils should be 1 to 3. Yet the standard American diet it is closer to 1 to 50. This leads to inflammation, degenerative diseases, and cell damage. Learn the most powerful oil which will balance your ratio within a week, and promote cell, nerve, organ, and brain health.

Page 250- 

Learn why counting calories is completely unnecessary, and how you can lose weight without worrying about counting anything!

Page 311 - 

Knowing how keeping your body’s PH level normalized is your key to preventing most diseases (cardiovascular, diabetes, cancer, hormone imbalance, immune deficiency, kidney problems, headaches, etc.). Learn a simple method to test your body’s PH level and how you can easily keep it within safe levels.

Page 51 - 

75 percent of all adverse reactions from all food additives reported to the FDA are due to this one common food additive found in most pre-packaged foods. You are going to be shocked to know what it is.

Page 327 - 

Find out what vitamins can replace a bad or improper diet and which vitamins are needed to stay healthy and rid your body of disease. You will learn why “dieting” is not the answer to your health or weight loss problems and may actually be doing you more harm!

Page 61- 

This beverage is allowed to contain a drop of white pus (dead blood cells) by the FDA, and has been linked to asthma, allergies, diabetes, heart disease, colitis, Crohns disease and other deadly diseases.

Page 132- 

This ancient food is creating miracles. Dr. Lars-Erik Essen, a dermatologist in Halsinborg, Sweden writes, "Through transcutaneous nutrition, bee pollen exerts a profound biological effect. It seems to prevent premature aging of the cells and stimulates growth of new skin tissue. It offers effective protection against dehydration and injects new life into dry cells. It smoothes away wrinkles and stimulates a life-giving blood supply to all skin cells. 

Page 68- 

This so called "healthy food" contains phytoestrogens (isoflavones), genistein, and daidzein. These compounds mimic and sometimes block our natural hormone estrogen, and have been found to have serious adverse effects on various human tissue. Learn how to substitute it for a delicious alternative. 

Page 115- 

These sprouts have been reported to contain 10 or more times as much sulforaphane, a cancer protective substance than broccoli. In a Swedish study, it was reported that eating 3 or more servings a week of these delicious foods significantly reduced the risk of stomach cancer, the fourth most frequent cancer in the world. 

Page 122- 

This sweet herb you can use instead of sugar lowers elevated blood pressure (hypertension), digestive aid that also reduces gas and stomach acidity, and for obesity. The herb acts as general tonic which increases energy levels and mental acuity.

Page 80- 

Did you know that the salmon you buy from any grocery store is farmed, and has been fed food coloring to make it look pink? Otherwise it is grey in color. Studies have shown that farmed salmon accumulates far more cancer causing PCBs and poisonous dioxins than wild salmon. Learn how to distinguish salmon and the prevent yourself from eating mercury, heavy metals, and other toxins. 

Page 96- 

Discover why you actually need saturated fats; they make up half or more of our cell walls, they bolster our immune systems, nourish our heart muscle, carry important fat soluble vitamins and antioxidants. And learn which saturated fats will actually make you lose weight!

Page 27- 

Learn how eating fat does not make you fat, contrary to popular belief, and how this type of carb makes you gain more weight than any fatty food.

Page 102- 

This one not well known miracle food contains all the essential amino acids and essential fatty acids necessary for human life, as well as a rare protein known as globule edestins that is very similar to the globulin found in human blood plasma.

Page 111- 

Several studies have found that eating small amounts of these nuts helps dieters lose weight. Learn the differences between nuts, and how they can help you lose those unwanted pounds.

Page 124- 

This miracle food has been shown in medical science to increase endurance and vitality, extending longevity, aiding recovery from chronic illness, adding weight during convalescence, reducing cravings and addictions, regulating the intestines, building new blood, preventing infectious diseases such as the cold and flu.

Page 139- 

This ocean powder contains high levels of GLA which is a strong brain-building fat. Positive benefits include decreased appetite, weight loss, and improved energy levels, especially mental energy. And the chlorophyll found in this food removes heavy metals and toxins from your body within the first day.

Page 152- 

The one vitamin which has been shown to naturally normalize cholesterols levels within 3 weeks, without drugs or pills.

Page 183- 

See how drug studies are specifically structured to get the positive results pharmaceutical companies want. Things like using younger, healthier people in studies for drugs that will be sold to older people.

Page 109- 

Learn which foods and additives are causing thyroid imbalance and how you can easily improve your thyroid function by adding this mineral to your diet. “...Japanese women, who have one of the lowest breast cancer rates in the world, ingest this mineral...”

Group 5689.png

The past 10 years have been some of the most incredible years for me and our team. Over 340,000 people in 48 countries have transformed their bodies, reversed their symptoms, had their doctors take them off all medication, they lost from 15 to 100 pounds of pure fat, and regained their happiness once more. 

Your Program Kit Will Have Everything You Need For Success During Your  First 30 Days and Then YEARS Of Breakthrough

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Which 7 Steps to Health package
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